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OpenAI recently announced the steps it is taking to combat misinformation in 2024, which is an election year in many countries, including the US and India. The company detailed its approach towards letting people use its platform and highlighted safety work by elevating accurate voting information, enforcing measured policies, and improving transparency. As a part of this, OpenAI has reportedly banned the developer of a bot that mimicked a US politician.
The Washington Post reported that OpenAI suspended the account of the start-up Delphi, which had been contracted to build Dean.Bot, which could talk to voters in real time via a website. This suspension marks the first known instance where OpenAI has restricted the use of AI in political campaigns.
What OpenAI has to say
A spokesperson from OpenAI said that whoever builds with the tools provided by the company must follow its usage policies.
“Anyone who builds with our tools must follow our usage policies. We recently removed a developer account that was knowingly violating our API usage policies which disallow political campaigning, or impersonating an individual without consent,” Axios quoted a spokesperson for OpenAI as saying.
The ChatGPT maker previously said that preventing abuse of its tools is one of the key agendas and the company will work “to anticipate and prevent relevant abuse—such as misleading ‘deepfakes’, scaled influence operations, or chatbots impersonating candidates”.
Not only for chatbots that can talk, OpenAi also announced restrictions for DALL-E users. The company said that it is experimenting with a provenance classifier — a new tool for detecting images generated by DALL·E.
“Our internal testing has shown promising early results, even where images have been subject to common types of modifications. We plan to soon make it available to our first group of testers—including journalists, platforms, and researchers—for feedback,” the company said.


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